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Analytica 2016: Cost-effective, turnkey solutions for distillation

Analytica 2016: Cost-effective, turnkey solutions for distillation

KNF presents its rotary evaporators in flexible system packages

Together with the vacuum supply and chiller, the rotary evaporator is among the core work units in chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing laboratories. It is crucial that the interaction between the three components is technically faultless to ensure a smooth workflow. KNF has analyzed day-to-day laboratory practice and its wide variety of challenges, and is now offering all three components from a single source in flexible system packages. Customers receive a cost-effective, turnkey solution, based on their specific work requirements and tailored to suit different budget conditions.

The core element of the package is one of the two KNF rotary evaporators. With its wireless remote control, the RC 900 makes it possible to centrally control distillation even from outside of closed fume hoods, which considerably simplifies routine tasks in the laboratory. The RC 600 also boasts a robust design and easy operation, making it ideal for settings such as teaching laboratories with high student turnover. During the development of both units, great attention was paid to the experience that experts and lab technicians had gained from their practical laboratory work. As a result, routine tasks such as changing flasks are incredibly easy to perform on both KNF models.

Customers also have various options for the vacuum supply. The SCC 950 allows two rotary evaporators to be operated independently of each other, and the SC 920 G vacuum pump system runs especially quietly. A further option includes the N 920 G diaphragm vacuum pump, which can be used in combination with the VC 900 vacuum control unit. Regardless of the vacuum supply selected, the C 900 is the most suitable chiller.

All KNF system packages take up minimal space and are easy to operate.

KNF is exhibiting its products at Analytica 2016 – hall B2, booth 308.