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Analytica 2016: Probably the smartest diaphragm metering pump in the world

Analytica 2016: Probably the smartest diaphragm metering pump in the world

 Exhibition visitors can experience the user-friendliness of the SIMDOS for themselves

People who work in laboratories have to handle a wide range of devices every day – and every single one is operated differently. During the development of the SIMDOS metering pump, the central consideration for KNF was that the operating concept would be easy for users to grasp and as intuitive as possible. As a result, two simple movements – pressing and turning – are all that is needed to operate the pump. On the whole, operation is self-explanatory. All the features required for metering are displayed in a logical order on the high-contrast display. Using a control knob, the user selects the individual parameters and then presses the knob to confirm the selection. After setting these values, the user is required to give a final confirmation, again through turning and pressing the control knob.

The SIMDOS meters both neutral and very aggressive liquids from 0.03 to 100 ml/min with a pressure height of 60 mWg and maximum suction height of 3 mWg.

Even the maintenance of the pump diaphragm reflects our ease-of-use philosophy. This procedure is easy to perform with no need to consult the operating instructions – just select “Maintenance” from the menu by turning the control knob and press to confirm. The pump diaphragm in the pump head is then automatically slid forward into the maintenance position, where it can easily be taken out by hand and exchanged.


Visitors can test the SIMDOS live and marvel at how easy it is to use at the KNF booth 308 in hall B2 at the Analytica 2016.